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    Merge Multiple Documents (Word 2000)

    How do you merge more than 1 document into the original? Lets say I have an original and 3 copies of the original (all of them have the track changes feature on), and send the 3 copies to be modified. When I open the original and go to Tools | Merge Documents, the first merge works fine, and shows me where changes occured. When i merge the others, the track changes highlights parts of the document that were not changed. (Things don't seem to work accurately).
    Maybe I can ask it in another way! If it is possibe(?) to merge more than 1 document, do I need to accept changes first, and then merge the second, or must I merge all first and then accept changes?

    Can some shed some sanity on this for me!!!

    PS: I found this option in words options dialog. (See screenshot: Store random number to improve merge accuracy!) Anyone know what its for. The help is not clear to me!?
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    Re: Merge Multiple Documents (Word 2000)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by Phil Rabichow on 13-Aug-04 08:43. because the original paragraph was typed before I was fully awake)</P>Hi Rudi:
    According to <!mskb=189241>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 189241<!/mskb>, you can't merge documents that contain tracked changes. Essentially, your last paragraph describes the workaround from the article....mmm, maybe the sanity part isn't in the article. <img src=/S/laugh.gif border=0 alt=laugh width=15 height=15>

    However, see <!mskb=191030>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 191030<!/mskb> which indicates that you can accomplish what you want.

    Are you sure that all changes in each edited version were with tracked changes on? If not, that could cause a problem. You can protect the document for tracked changes & password protect to make sure others don't make untracked changes.

    By the way, your screenshot isn't from Word 2000; I think it's Word 2002.]

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