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    Data Formula (Excel 2003)

    Attached is a workbook with 2 sheets. Sheet 1 contains patient information including the Order ID and Admit ID columns which contain the computer number for a doctor. Worksheet 2 has a list of those doctors with their number in column 1. I need a formula in the Order ID and Admit ID cells which will reference worksheet 2, check for the corresponding number and then copy the Signature, preferably replacing the Order ID or Admit ID number in those columns. If it needs to be in a different column that is fine as well. I will be using this type of data connection in Excel extensively and once I have sample formula, I think I can handle it from there.

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    Re: Data Formula (Excel 2003)

    If you want formulas, you can't have them replace the IDs - the formula would become invalid the moment the ID was replaced. You could use code to replace the IDs by the signatures.

    Here are the formulas you need: in cell L2, for example, enter


    and in cell M2:


    Select L2:M2 and fill down as far as needed.

    VLOOKUP looks up the first argument (the ID) in the table specified as second argument (the table on Sheet2), and returns the corresponding value in the 4th column (the third argument) of this table. The fourth argument FALSE means that you don't want an approximate result - you're looking for an exact match.

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