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    Shap Shot - Looking for details (2000/2002/2003)

    I have read a little in the past about the Snap Shot feature in Access but never gave it much attention until now. My company produces an accounting program and we have a scripting engine that allows users to create their own reports using our proprietary scripting methods. We support the use of Crystal Reports for creating many of these custom reports and encourage its use heavily due to it's power. Unfortunately not everyone can afford Crystal, it is very expensive. I find that not all of our clients have Crystal and or would consider buying it if they do not already have it simply because of the price. There is also the issue of the learning curve associated with Crystal. As wonderful as Crystal is you are not going to load it and start easily creating reports right away without a little investment in reading and practicing with the program. The majority of our clients however do have MS Office. And while Word & Excel are almost always installed, I am finding more and more clients with Access as well.
    I love the Report Writer in Access and would love to find a way to make Access a reporting option for our users. Up till now the problem has been with how to get the report to someone to view that does not have Access. Even though many of our clients have Access, it is typically just the admin that has Access installed and most likely is also the only one who knows how to use Access. Based on what I am seeing about the Snap Shot feature it looks like this may be the missing link for us. I was hoping to get links to and info on some good material about using the snap shot feature in Access. I'm looking for stuff like how to create Snap Shot files via code as the main method our program would use to process a report is to load Access via OLE Automation from SQL Server, run the report to the screen and then send to a Snap Shot file or if possible send to a snap shot file from the beginning and never go to the screen

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Re: Shap Shot - Looking for details (2000/2002/2003)

    You use DoCmd.OutputTo to create a snapshot file from a report:

    Dim strReportName As String
    Dim strFilePath As String
    strReportName = "..."
    strFileName = "..."
    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, strReportName, acFormatSNP, strFilePath

    If you are controlling Outlook through Automation, you's prefix DoCmd with the Access Application object:

    Dim objAcc As Access.Application
    Set objAcc = ...
    objAcc.DoCmd.OutputTo ...

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