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    corrupted startup (2003)

    Recently, when I open Excel, I get a strange occurence. First, there is a dialog box that says "File not loaded completely". Then, a box that says "Problems During Load - Problems came up in the following areas during load - Missing File: C:stylesimport.css".
    " Then, a series of 3 files that open automatically in the window -- only one is an Excel file that I created or have even tried to open inExcel. The other two are a DELL Small Business.htm screen and a Zinio file (digital magazine subscription that is clearly not an Excel file). I have no idea where this all came from. Does Excel have an analogous file to in WORD that can be deleted and automatically recreated? When I close each of them, I'm asked if I want to save changes to them.
    How do I clean up my Excel application?
    Thanks for advice/assistance.

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    Re: corrupted startup (2003)

    In addition to Jim's advice, see <!post=Jan Karels Star Post on Startup Problems, 186893>Jan Karels Star Post on Startup Problems<!/post>.
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    Re: corrupted startup (2003)

    (Edited by HansV to make URL clickable - see <!help=19>Help 19<!/help>)

    HOW TO: Prevent Excel from Automatically Opening Files in the Startup Folder in Excel 2002
    XL: How to Troubleshoot Startup Problems in Microsoft Excel

    Also, you can go to Tools | Add-ins...
    Make a list of all checked items
    Uncheck all items and click OK
    Restart Excel - if the problem disappears then you know one of the add-ins is the cause.
    Add them back one at a time to find which one caused the problem.

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    Re: corrupted startup (2003)

    This was one of the really easy problems to solve -- thanks for pointing me in the right direction. The culprit was something I've never realized was there........
    "Tools > Options > General > At startup, open all files in"
    This box contained the same folder name that is my primary data folderS location. Some stray files had migrated into this location. Deleting it from the box and restarting EXCEL solved the problem.

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