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    Macro Not Running...


    I am new to the world of macros. Have recorded a macro in a new DOT file & assigned to a toolbar button. Works OK on my PC, but doesn't on any other. I stored the macro IN the new DOT file, so how come anyone who uses this DOT file can't seem to execute the macro.

    The error says that there is a wrong macro security setting, or the macro is missing. I have lowered the macro security setting, but the error persists.

    I think the answer is that I need to specify in the VBA the filepath of the DOT file, which is a share on the server.

    If you think so, what is the precise syntax in VBA for specifying the file path?



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    Re: Macro Not Running...

    Hi m.q.

    What does the macro do?

    If a specific file is referred to in the macro then chances are you will need to include the full path. If the file resides on the server it's best to use something like: "ServerNameSubfolderMyDoc.doc" instead of using a command path that contains a drive letter. Not everyone may have the same drive mappings that you do.

    If that isn't it, perhaps you can share the code with us and we will go from there.

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