Our office has a win 2000 server. I connect to this server from home two ways for two different programs on the server. the one connection I use PCAnywhere, where I am essentially working off the server's computer. The other time I connect by doing a search of the IP address on my home computer. when it finds it, I double click. It asks me for the username and password. After that it opens the main folders on the server, I do a "map drive" to the one I need and then I work off of my computer, linking the data back to the server.
This has worked fine for over a year until yesterday.
I was able to connect in the usual way with PC Anywhere. However, I then did an IP search to connect the second way. It found the server, but when i double clicked, it didn't get to the password part nor open up to the folders I need. when I right clicked and did properties, it said something like it was not available.
clues.....no changes on the home computer or server were done by me, but i just did do a windows update on the server. I wonder if Microsoft changed a default setting for security purposes? If so, how do I change this?
any other ideas???????