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    Running Access Database Using Virtual PC for Mac (2003/6.1)

    Has anyone ever had or heard of any experience running an Access database in Virtual PC for the Mac (6.1, soon to be 7.0)? I've just about finished a custom database application for use in a small workgroup and my client just informed me that he and his team are moving to a company that uses only Macs. I've spoken to the IT Manager there (a Mac head) who suggested I use File Maker Pro instead (as if I'm creating a recipe database or something!). I've checked out the Microsoft solution but I'm wondering what the performance is like and if there are any undocumentated difficulties/horror stories.

    Please share them here! Thanks.

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    Re: Running Access Database Using Virtual PC for Mac (2003/6.1)

    I've not had any experience with the Mac version of Virtual PC, but the Windows version actually works pretty well. There are some performance hits, but in general Access databases work just fine. You probably want to avoid using any API calls, but we actually develop and test Access databases using Virtual PC to emulate the customer environment. The first step of course would be to test your database with Virtual PC for the Mac.

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