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    Questions on Web Mail (Outlook Web Access 2003)

    Here are a few questions that I have about using the new Outlook program when I'm off campus:

    (1) Is there any way to adjust the time so that I don't have to keep logging in after a 10-15 min.

    time lapse away from my computer?

    (2) Is there any way to delete or modify the "authentication" prompt for opening attachments which asks

    to verify my password three times before it will open an attachment (I send a lot of attachments to


    (3) I frequently have problems attaching documents when I use this program (I had this problem with

    the old program, as well). Do you have any idea why the "browse" tab fails to click on to get

    a file (this happens, less frequently, with the "attach" tab, as well)? When it works the tab will

    click and remain depressed while I search for a file. When it does not work, it will not remain

    depressed. This is actually a major problem for me.

    (4) Is there any way to "unblock" the content for a newsletter that I receive once, sometimes

    twice, a day, so that I don't have to unblock it when I receive each individual newsletter?

    I hope that you can help me with some or all of these questions. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day!

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    Re: Questions on Web Mail (Outlook Web Access 2003

    (1) The "time out" setting is controlled server side. There have been some freeware utilities that "ping" your server - which I have seen used for keeping alive dial-up connections. You can try searching on Google for these; although I haven't seen them used for keeping mail server connections alive.

    (2) The authentification prompt is a "locked-in" security routine. Your best bet on time saving maybe to save the attachments to your hard drive before opening them.

    (3) Have you tried attaching files by pasting the file address from Windows Explorer? That is, have the folder open in Windows Explorer. Copy the Address from the Address Bar into the Attach File Dialog and then type in the File Name?

    (4) On the "mail content", you could try adding the domain that sends you the newsletter into your Trusted Zones in Control Panel|Internet Options|Security. You will need to unceck the "https" check box at the bottom of the dialog.


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