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    Backup program - anyone use BackupNow! 3.0? (SP 1)

    Looking for a backup program that does full backups and differentials to DVD's and/or CD's. I'm not interested in drive images (too long to do with every backup) or incremental backups (too many disks to keep track of). I don't want to do a zip as my backup.
    I don't like the XP bundled backup - it won't write to CD's or DVID's!!
    I;ve looked at some of the past postings, but haven't seen anything that seems to fit my requirements.
    On my old PC I used Backup Exec, but since Veritas got bought out by Roxio there's been a lot of bad feedback on the new product. Retrospect also has had a number of bad postings on the PC Mag site.
    No offense to any users of the above software!!
    BackUp Now! seems straight forward based on the screenshots on the website, but there wasn't any user review on the PC Mag site.
    Has anyone used this product?
    I'm reluctant to start installing software to try it out and then having to uninstall. This PC is relatively new, and I'd like to keep it uncluttered.

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    Re: Backup program - anyone use BackupNow! 3.0? (SP 1)

    Mark, this program was released on a magazine CD in Australia. I weakened and installed the trial version. Completely impressed. I have BackupMyPC, Acronis True Image, Symantec Ghost, PowerQuest's Drive Image (now Symantec). I was impressed with NTI BackUpNow version 3.0

    I purchased the Suite, which includes the NTI Drive Backup. In my opinion the interface of both programs leave all the others in their wake.

    For what it is worth, consider the disadvantages of Backing up to CD-RW at 4X if your burner does not support 12X the time taken is unbelievable, particularly if you are paying staff (I am now retired). CD-R's in Australia cost about 50 cents for disks that comply with the Orange Book Part II standard. Junior staff cost out at about A$50.00 per hour. Most drive backup programs will produce a CD in about 10 minutes at 12X, thus the time charge is A$8.33 per disk. Doesn't take long to think about your media.

    Now that we are all becoming aware of backups (again) I purchased a USB (LaCie) 160GByte drive A$300.00. I can backup my system in minutes. I have 2 X 40 GByte HDD (IDE) and do complete backups to 3 locations on the USB drive. That way by rotation I always have two recent backups while the third is being created. Once the backup has been created the USB drive is disconnected. No surges or spikes.

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