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    Network Printing with Word (Office 2000)

    I have an HP 4000TN printer that is shared on the network non a Windows 2000 server. We are using the latest PCL driver from HP. The client computers are Windows XP. All persons using the printer have full control permissions. The printer has an envelope feeder and Tray 1, 2 and3. Tray 2 contains letterhead and tray 3 contains plain paper. Within Word when we use the driver on the server, none of the trays are visable. If we install the driver on the workstation everything works fine. Any ideas

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    Re: Network Printing with Word (Office 2000)

    I think Windows server pushes the printer driver and settings to the workstation. When I look at the settings for network printers in my office, I know I didn't set them up manually, I just chose the network server and Windows took it from there. So the tray settings must have been pushed down to me from the server. In fact, I can't change them from my desktop (I'm not a domain administrator.)

    If my recollection is correct, then, perhaps there is some problem with the device settings on the server? Also, Windows 2000 probably did not include drivers for Windows XP, so you might need to make sure that the server is in fact downloading the correct driver to the client. (My experience with this was in the Windows NT/98 days, so unfortunately I don't remember the details.)

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