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    Access Informix data base from WOrd Macro (Word2000/XP)

    Can someone tell me how I can access an Informix database from my Word Macro? I tried using Opendatabse but no luck there ... Please help...

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    Re: Access Informix data base from WOrd Macro (Wo

    Microsoft supplies a technology called ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) which you can use to access a wide variety of databases. ADO can be used to simply open a table, or to return the results of a complex query. It is a rich object model and, unfortunately, a bit complicated to learn (and remember!).

    In order to use ADO, you need one of two things: (1) a specific ADO Provider that knows how to talk to Informix, or (2) an ODBC connection to Informix (you can use the generic ADO provider for ODBC databases). I don't use Informix, so I can't help you identify which of these things you might have. If you are using any other applications that connect to the Informix database, you may find that you have an ODBC connection set up. Check the Data Sources control panel (on Windows XP Pro, under Start>Settings>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Data Sources (ODBC)). If you have this connection, presumably it stores the necessary username and password and you can use the generic provider.

    At that point, the question becomes, what do you need to do with this database? That will guide the details.

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