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    Problem saving e-mails to a text file (Outlook 2003)

    A technique I used a lot in previous versions of Outlook isn't working in Outlook 2003. It goes like this: I select two or more e-mail messages in my mailbox, choose Save As, it defaults to text file as the file type, and I save it. VERY handy -- all the selected messages in one document. But Outlook 2003 is saving only the message headers. The messages are downloaded as full items in my mailbox and display fine. I've tried setting Word as my e-mail editor and setting Outlook to read all messages as plain text, but that doesn't help. I have been able to get the bodies of the first one or two messages to save occasionally, but Outlook saves only the headers on the remaining selected files. That doesn't happen consistently and it appears to happen only with HTML format messages -- not plain text or rich text.

    I've only found one other person who can even replicate this problem and it's making me sooooo crazy. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Problem saving e-mails to a text file (Outlook 2003)

    I can replicate the problem. I don't have solution (it could be handled with some VBA code), and didn't find anything in a brief search of the MS KB.
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    Re: Problem saving e-mails to a text file (Outlook

    > it appears to happen only with HTML format messages

    Seems to be an unintended byproduct of the security model. I assume it works if you open the message and save from inside. Not very convenient, but I imagine one could write a macro to open each message in the selected group, save from the inside, and then close it... (While I've imagined this, I haven't tested the idea.)

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