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    Out of Memory Error

    I recently completed an application using VB6 and DataWidgets ActiveX control to run some specialized reports. This product when working in the testing mode is working under NT4 into a SQL7 server and BDE. The connection is made using ODBC. In the testing mode everything works well, however, I went to deploy this on our Citrix System and I get an Error 7, "Out of Memory" and the system halts. This particular server has over 1 GIG of RAM.

    Any ideas?????

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    Re: Out of Memory Error

    Be sure that when you finish using an object, you release it by setting it to Nothing.

    Set MyOdbc = Nothing

    Otherwise, VB wil not free the memory.

    This may not be the problem that you are having, but it is actually a common error.

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    Re: Out of Memory Error

    Also make sure you explicitly unload all forms you've opened, even if you think you already closed them. In VB trying to close them again won't give you an error and it will release the resources allocated to any forms that are still loaded. And make sure that any object variable you create using the Set keyword gets destroyed when you finish with it, not just the OLE objects.

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