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Thread: Word ZipCoder??

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    Word ZipCoder??

    Well....since the WOPR ZipCode+4 is broken, and there is no fix on the horizon....Are there any other MSWord add-in programs that will go to the US Post Office website and return the ZIP+4 information? Thanks.

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    Re: Word ZipCoder??

    The USPS now has an XML-based Zip-code-retrieval and address-verification interface, which you can learn more about here: Because that requires each user or company to have its own user id and password, it probably is not a quick VBA solution.

    It still might be possible to program the JSP-based web pages that start at, but it's a chore dealing with IE's document object model to populate the fields, submit the form, and then read the results. I'm not sure if it's any faster to use the downloadable USPS Shipping Assistant software.

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