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    join problems (Access 2000)

    I have a query that shows all the clients who have received an offer.It works excellent,
    it shows even the clients who have turned down the offer and those who have not.

    SELECT TblClients.ClientID, TblOffers.offerid
    FROM TblClients INNER JOIN TblOffers ON TblClients.ClientID = TblOffers.Clientid;

    I need now to introduce a third possibility.Namely, to enumerate those clients,who have not been aproached
    and have not received an offer, i.e. those clients where Offerid = 0

    However, my query does not show these clients.If a client has no offer,he is not shown on the query.
    Can i join the tables in a way to show also the clients without an offer ?

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    Re: join problems (Access 2000)

    Try replacing INNER JOIN by LEFT JOIN. This will make the query return ALL records from TblClients, regardless of whether there is a matching record in TblOffers or not.

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