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    Slide Show Refresh (Office XP)

    Is it possible to configure Powerpoint to automatically refresh itself while it runs a slide show?

    I have a computer running a slide show that is the basis for a 24/7 bulletin board over a local cable TV channel. I would like to access the PC remotely (VPN or PCAnywhere) and update the file that is running without stopping the on-air presentation.

    Am I asking too much from Powerpoint?

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    Re: Slide Show Refresh (Office XP)

    In standard configuration, you wouldn't be able to do that, but if you have dual monitor support, you just might be able to do that using the presenter view. You can find out a bit about the presenter view in Help, but you would need to test and see what happens when you edit a presentation in standard view while the slide show is running in presenter view - I think they are going to want to synchronize. Perhaps someone else has already tried this.

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