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    Strange executables (XP professional)

    I'm having ongoing trouble with sporadic very high cpu usage by svchost (e.g. 99%). Seems to be triggered when I go on line via a dsl modem. I also have two processes that persist even when I remove the registry entries. They are phnhtl.exe and hostmon.exe. Also had win.exe and slti32.exe but I seem to have cleared those. Can anyone advise what these processes are, whehter they could be causing the svchost high usage and if spurious how to get rid of tehm?


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    Re: Strange executables (XP professional)

    Searching in Google typically helps identify unknown executables. For typical Windows files, many sites come up. For new malware and spyware, a smaller selection of sites tends to come up. Occasionally you find nothing (welcome to the cutting edge!).

    svchost.exe is a program that runs a service; the Task Manager does not tell you the actual service and executable, but some other tools can. If you search the Lounge for references to HijackThis and Process Explorer from SysInternals, you'll get some help.

    In the short run, the behavior is very reminiscent of some malware/spyware that almost cause a CPU meltdown on one of my colleague's computers. I think antivirus software eventually identified it, but at that time it was previously unknown. It did show up in the task list. Good luck!

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