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    Error log on closing database

    Error log on closing the database

    I have a rather comlicated database in which on opening the main form 8 other forms are also opened, since I am using a code basxed on the
    If IsOpen(strDocName) = True Then
    The problem is that I cannot close the database.I receive the following error:
    MSACCESS has generated errors and will be closed by Windows.You will need t0
    Restart the program.
    An error log fas been created.
    I have tried to close all the form with a code, but without success.Even the simple clsoe action from the toolbar gives this error.On the other hand,if these forms are not opened, I can close the database easily.Therefore the problem lies in the opened forms.But I do need to open these forms.
    Is there any way to obviate this problem and close the database.If I could do this my problems will be solved.
    I will be extremely grateful to any advice or solution

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    Re: Error log on closing database

    Following on from your cross-post in VB/VBA, as this sounds like it might take a long time to track down without seeing the database, if you'd care to zip the database and email it to me at I'll have a look at it when I get a chance. I'll post any findings here afterwards in case they benefit anyone else.

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