I have a couple of questions about forms in OL2K3

1) I typically run my laptops resolution at 1024 X 768. I am increasing that so that I can fit more data on to my screen at one time. The down side of course is that text is now smaller, much smaller and since I wear glasses the smaller text is more of an issue then it would be if I did not wear glasses. I can increase the text size via the menu items View-Text Size but I would like to set the Text Size to 'Large' by default instead of having to manually do it every time I open an email. I have opened the form in design mode and successfully made changes to other items to verify I am properly changing the layout of the email form yet I have been unable to find a way to get the change in the text size to stick. Any ideas?

2) I purchased a book on Outlook back when 2000 was the current version. It's one of those large ones that has around 600+ pages so it has quite a bit about everything in OL. It has info on form design and I did read most of it back when I first purchased it. If I remember correctly I believe that at the time while I thought it was cool all the stuff that you could do with form design that it was still lacking. I was wondering if much has changed from version 2000 to 2003? If so is there any web site I can go to that would have good list of details about the changes?

Ed Carden