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    TIP>>Describe Custom Functions in the Function Wiz (Excel 2000>)

    I am posting this info as a "TIP", but I also have a quesion about it. I will be grateful if someone does have an answer for me...(if there actually is a answer to this question)

    The attached zip file contains a workbook with a (very) simple custom function.
    The word file in the zip contains the method to add a description to the custom function onto the Function Wizard. I always wondered how this could be done, until I was informed about it a while back.

    My question is:
    Is it possible to have descriptions for the arguments of the custom function on the function palette. The descriptions in the TIP, describe the fuction as a whole. If the custom function has say 3 arguments, how can I add descriptions to these arguments so they display on the function wizard when a user builds it up with the palette???

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    Re: TIP>>Describe Custom Functions in the Function Wiz (Excel 2000>)

    It's not easy to provide descriptions for the arguments of a user-defined function. See Laurent Longre's article in Excel Tips 9.

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