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    Another Outlook 2000 Calendar problem

    There is a secretary and a boss who are supposed to receive notification of a specific appointment.

    Both users are on the same distribution list.

    The appointment is sent to her boss and CC'd to her.

    Her boss says that he does not receive a notification of the meeting.

    The secretary does receive the notice and has to go into her bosse's office to tell him about the meeting.

    She accepts the meeting on his behalf.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Another Outlook 2000 Calendar problem

    This sounds like a problem with setting up the delegate permissions.
    On the manager's PC, start Outlook and use Tools | Options | Delegates tab
    There is a check box Send Meeting Requests and Responses only to my delegates, not to me
    The problem sounds like this is set. If it is, unset it.
    If it ain't, you need help from other loungers!
    Hope this cracks it.

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