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    Two Minor Mail Merge Glitches (Office/Word 2000 SP3)


    I've created an order form that takes data from a CSV file and puts it into a more user friendly format (like a printed order form) for some of my co-workers to use for entering new orders into our company's database. The mail merge works perfectly well, except for two things I can't quite figure out.

    Ideally, I could fit two of these order forms onto a single page. I created one that was a half page long, and then copied it again into the bottom half of the page. Unfortunately, when I run the mail merge, each page has two copies of the same order, rather than page 1 having orders 1-2, and page 2 having orders 3-4, etc. So I've gone back to having one order form per page, as I can't figure out a way to squeeze two into a single page that would give me two different orders.

    Second problem is even smaller. I put a footer on my merge document template that will print "Page x of y." However, x always equals 1, although y is correct in showing the correct number of pages in total. It must have something to do with the fact that each page in the resultant merged document (I always save the merges to a new document) is a different section, but I can't figure out a way to overcome that. I tried putting the footer into the saved merge document instead of the mail merge template document, but still no luck.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    John DeA

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    Re: Two Minor Mail Merge Glitches (Office/Word 2000 SP3)

    1. Experiment with putting a NEXT field at the end of the first half page, or create a catalog-type merge document instead of a letter-type document.

    2. Select the entire merged document (Ctrl+A), then select Insert | Page Numbers...
    Click Format... and select the option to continue numbering from the previous section instead of starting at 1.
    Click OK to close the Format dialog, then click Close, not OK to close the Page Number dialog. OK would insert a new page number in a frame, that is not necessary.

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    Re: Two Minor Mail Merge Glitches (Office/Word 200

    As far as the first question is concerned, I'm not sure if you always want two orders per page or just when they are from the same person. If the first, use Hans suggestion. If the latter, you can get information on checking for duplicates by reading the material on Cindy Meister's page at or <!mskb=302665>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 302665<!/mskb>.

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