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    tabs among others (Excel 2k)

    Hi All

    Sorry if these seem basic questions but I have never used Excel before and the MS clippie thing does not seem to understand English.

    1. Tab

    I am making a form that uses just 6 columns (I have hidden all the other columns), I want to be able to get to column F and when the tab button is pushed the cursor moves to box A in the next row, and ideas please.

    2. Yes / No

    Can you, as in Access have a Yes/No option in a cell

    3. Formula

    If the answer to 2 is yes you can have a yes no button could anybody help me please with a formula for a cell, for exampl

    If A5=yes then A6=A4*17.5% (I am trying to calculate VAT but certain items are not vatable.



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    Re: tabs among others (Excel 2k)

    1. If you select a range of cells in columns A:F, the Tab key will behave the way you want. If you want to make it behave that way always, you can do it like this:
    - Select the cells in columns A:F that you want to use.
    - Select Format | Cells...
    - Activate the Protection tab.
    - Clear the "Locked" check box.
    - Click OK.
    - Select Tools | Protection | Protect Sheet...
    - Click OK.

    2. If you mean a check box:
    - Display the Forms toolbar.
    - Click the check box button.
    - Drag a rectangle on the worksheet.
    - Right click the check box and select 'Format Control...'
    - Activate the Control tab.
    - Enter or point to a cell in the 'Cell link' box.
    - Click OK.

    3. Try a formula like this, where A5 is the Cell link from above:


    This will result in a blank if A5 is FALSE. If you would like a 0, use


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    Re: tabs among others (Excel 2k)

    Here are some answers you can try:
    1. This link will show you how to create a tick mark in a cell when clicking it. It is nicer that a worksheet control, as people cant move or modify it!
    Tick cell on enter

    The formula that can be used with this example is: Assume the tick mark is in the B the C column you can type:

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