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    Line Numbers in Tables (pretty much all versions)

    If one turns on line numbering <font color=blue>File/Page Setup/Layout/Line Numbers.../Add Line Numbering</font color=blue> line numbers are added to every line in the document unless those lines are in a table.

    Is there any way (VBA or otherwise) to change this functionality? I could live with table line numbers being of a 1.1 form if that's the only answer.

    The frustrating thing is obviously word knows how many lines are in the table, so it would seem this could be an option. I can also imagine exotic tables within tables that might have some issues, but for the overwhelming normal case shouldn't there be some way?

    I've attached a word doc that shows the table not being numbered.

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    Re: Line Numbers in Tables (pretty much all versions)

    As far as I know, there is no easy way to do this. You can create a simulated table using paragraph borders and bar tabs - see the attached version of your document (the idea is from Word MVP Suzanne Barnhill)
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