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    Do I have SP2 or not? (XP, Home)

    I have automatic update activated and I was notified on my taskbar that the Windows SP2 was ready. I clicked on it and a box came up asking if I wanted to download. I clicked "download". The little box then went away. This has been several days ago. I went to the windows update site and checked my installation history and there is no indication that SP2 has been installed. So does that mean that I don't have it? And if not, what do I do to get it?

    And if I do have it how do I turn off the Windows firewall? I have a DSL "Portal" from SBC and was told by their company to not use the XP firewall because it would just cause problems, so I'm assuming it would be the same with Windows firewall. Does that sound right?

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    Re: Do I have SP2 or not? (XP, Home)

    See <!post=this thread,402113>this thread<!/post> for determining the status of SP2 and how to get the complete installation package if you don't wish to wait for the automatic update. To turn off the Windows Firewall (when SP2 is installed) - Start>Control Panel>Windows Firewall. I'm not familiar with SBC or their firewall product.
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