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    Fixed work & Fixed Units (Project 98)


    Just wondering if its possible to have fixed work and fixed units in Project 98?
    For example:
    I set the Expected duration, optimistic and pessimistic durations in the PERT table to 5hrs.
    I then click the calculate PERT button and it calculates the duration to be 5 hrs.
    I then set it fixed work
    I then add two resources both at 100%
    Work is now 5hrs, duration is 2.5hrs. This is what i want.

    BUT if i click Calculate PERT it changes duration back to 5hrs, work is still 5hrs but its changed each unit's resource allocation to 50%.

    I've tried to do fixed units to keep each unit at 100% but it then increases the work to 10hrs.

    Hopefully im making some sense. Also if this problem is fixed in any later versions please let me know as Im considering an upgrade.



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    Re: Fixed work & Fixed Units (Project 98)


    Welcome to the lounge. Understanding task types between Fixed Work, Fixed Duration, and Fixed Units (as well as indicating if tasks are effort driven or not) can get quite confusing.

    Basically, Project wants to balance the equation Work = Duration x Units, however, the task type governs how this is done.

    The following is taken directly from Special Edition using Microsoft Project 2000 by Tim Pyron (as I will never get it right on my own.)

    - If you enter a value in Units and leave the Work field blank, Project calculates the unknown Work (because both units and Duration have been given values). This is true no matter what the task is.

    - If you enter a value in Work and leave the Units blank, Projects calculation depends on the task type because project is programmed to leave changes in Units up to the user if at all possible.

    --- If the task in not a Fixed Duration task (if it's Fixed Units or Fixed Work), Project adjusts the Duration value. It assumes that the units are the default (100% or less if the Max Units is less) and calculates the Duration that is necessary for the resource to complete the amount of work you assigned.

    --- However, if the task if a Fixed Duration task, Project cannot change the duration entry and calculates the Units needed to complete the Work you entered and places that value in the Units field.

    - If you entered values in both Units and Work, Project again bases it calculations on the task type
    --- If the task is not a fixed duration task, project adjusts the Duration to accommodate the work and units you entered.
    --- If the task is a fixed duration type, project keeps the work amount you entered and calculates a new Units value that can do the specified work in the given (fixed) duration.

    I think the issue you have is that you re-set the task to fixed work so project re-calculates the task as it sees fit. So to answer your questions, you can use fixed work or fixed units and no it does not get any better with newer versions. You might also review whether or not the tasks are effort driven as this may change things as well. Good Luck and HTH.

    (It's been a while!)

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