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    Solid Edge 3D Modeler question

    <<<Please post this question where it belongs if it's not here....>>> (Moved from the WOPR forum to the VB / VBA forum by HansV)

    Solid Edge is a fairly popular CAD/3D modeler used in manufacturing. It is fully COM compliant (I hear....).

    Now...the documentation that comes with the package shows that the highest hierarchy object (Application surprise there...) can be accessed like this:

    Dim sss as SolidEdge. Application
    set sss=createobject("SolidEdge.Application")

    and so on...

    This is hardly news for those who have been programming with VB/VBA for more than two hours. Now....funny enough, the <<SolidEdge.Application>> object doesn't exist on any of the several supplied libraries. (Not like you can Dim variables as Excel.Application or Word.Application and so on...)

    Is anybody out there trying to automate SolidEdge through the object model? If so....can someone tell me how can get early binding declaring the proper class...(if I use the generic Object type , it does work but I lose all the functionality of Intellisense....)

    Thanks in advance

    PS: Unless your last name is Trump...don't bother to contact the developer...EDS I think....

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    Re: Solid Edge 3D Modeler question

    I assume you can instantiate the object using late binding, that is, there is a Registry entry for SolidEdge.Application. If not, perhaps the relevant DLL is not even registered. As for early binding, some programs do not supply convenient object libraries (*.olb) like MS Office. It's frustrating, but if neither the documentation nor any community of Solid Edge users has found it, I suspect we won't be able to find it.

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