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    Remove Network Adaptor Card (XP Home SP1)

    On a WIN XP HOME machine I wish to remove a network adaptor card, a Netgear FA310TX. The idea is to replace it with a Netgear Adaptor WG311. I understand how to remove it from the system (PCI) And how to remove it from the System Properties>Hardware>Device Manager. Where I am confused is how to remove it from the Network Properties area. The same applies to my WIN98SE Machines. I have only made the one post. I could not find a Network Forum.


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    Re: Remove Network Adaptor Card (XP Home SP1)

    Although I don't have your adapter models, and I have XP Pro rather than home, the removal of a NIC should function the same in your two cases. You can remove an adapter in Device Manager and then shutdown the system to physically take out the card. When you insert the replacement card and boot back up, Windows "should" recognize the new hardware and give you the opportunity to point it to the new drivers. The other part of your question concerning Network Properties should take care of itself automatically. You will have to reconfigure the network properties you need, but once the new card is installed with Device Manager, it should be "seen" in Network Properties.

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