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    Create a Database (Access 2003)

    What the best way to setup a network database? I want to have my main database on the network, and then a database on my computer that is linked to the main database table. I don't want to work out of my main, but out of the other to do querys and forms. I also want this database table to be readonly and have a button to update the table from the main.

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    Re: Create a Database (Access 2003)

    What you describe is the split database setup recommended by most developers here:

    - A backend database on a shared network folder containing only tables.
    - For each user, a local frontend database containing links to the database in the backend, plus queries, forms, reports and modules.

    You can set startup options in the frontend (Tools | Startup...) to hide the database window, full menus etc. By letting the user only work with forms and reports, never directly with tables and queries, you as designer can control what they can and cannot do. But someone who wants to get at the data directly will still be able to do so. If you want to secure your database, you need to set up user-level security. See the tutorial The Secrets of Security on moderator WendellB's website. It contains an overview and many useful links. (I recommend the Security FAQ - the first link.) Another good resource is Access Security Info by fellow lounger jacksonmacd.

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    Re: Create a Database (Access 2003)

    You might also find our Database Splitting Tutorial useful.

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