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Thread: FTP (I think)

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    FTP (I think)

    Hi all,

    I may be putting my dunce cap on here, but is it possible to use a FTP program to transfer files between two PCs over a direct modem to modem dial up connection?

    There are a googledyzillion ftp programs out there, and most that I have seen mention uploading or downloading from an internet server. Forgive me for asking, but what is the difference between a Win98SE PC running dial up server and a server on the internet?

    I need to dial out to six different remote PCs and transfer a couple of text files, automatically. I bought ProCommPlus, but geez the learning curve with the scripts is immense, or so it seems to be.

    Could anyone here simplify or clarify or identify a solution for this? Is there someway to set up a remote PC to use some of the more popular FTP programs? Surely in this technological Eden which exists today there has got to be a simple way to automatically dial up the remote computer, transfer the files, and disconnect without going through the Internet.


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    Re: FTP (I think)

    Michael, yes ftp can be used as you suggest. However to do that you need to get ftp server software, which can be tricky to configure. You may well need to have a fixed ip address som that you can find it from the other machine.

    I must admit I tried it once but gave up in frustration!! <img src=/S/nuts.gif border=0 alt=nuts width=15 height=15>

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