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    Highlight Current Day in Monthly Calendar View (2003)

    We are currently sharing a calendar through Exchange Server and maintain it primarily by using the monthly view. What determines which day is highlighted or marked when the calendar is opened? We've noticed that when we click the calendar icon it opens in monthly view. However, today it was highlighting or going to 7/26 as the active date in the upper left-hand corner. Is there a way to get the current date at least correctly selected when opening the calendar and if possible located toward the middle of the screen rather than the extreme top or bottom?

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    Re: Highlight Current Day in Monthly Calendar View (2003)

    Well, no. Monthly view is kind of clunky. It's opening on 7/26, because the 1st of August is Sunday of that week, and monthly view starts with the first day of the current month. However, there should be shading or some marking that indicates today, August 30, if you look for it. And there's no way to center monthly view on today (the current day).
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