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    Formatting gone wild

    I have recently come across a problem in Word 97(SR2)with formatting I apply to any documents. The problem is random but when it happens it is repeatable.
    Problem is that if I apply, say, BOLD to a line of text, BOLD is applied other text in document, randomly. Reversing the edit with Ctrl-Z can cause the original line to stay emboldened and other text to revert to normal (i.e., a two-step process to achieve desired result) or completely reverses edit to where it was.
    Same problem occurs with bullets/numbering etc.
    I have a feeling problem is connected with Outline numbering, as I started using this feature about the same time that I first noticed problem, although lines I am formatting are supposedly in the NORMAL style.
    This is driving me crazy because if I apply formatting several times (e.g. tabs, BOLD, Bullets etc.) and do not notice the effect formats are having off-screen, the results can be a very strange looking document. I then have to remove *all* formatting (Ctrl-Q, cut & paste etc.) and start again.

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    Re: Formatting gone wild

    When this happens, try this.

    Place cursor in the text you applied bold to.

    Select Format, Styles.

    Click the Modify button.

    See if the Automatically update checkbox is checked.

    If so, that is the problem. Remove the check mark.

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