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    Updateable help [doh]

    I am very confused about when a recordset is updateable. Maybe if someone can explain the following 2 situations I might understand:

    Background - no specific access permissions set, user as admin, no permissions altered. No relationship established between tables, and no linked tables.

    Example 1:

    Simple select query, 2 tables inner joined on ID. All fields individually selected from table 1 to appear, no fields from table 2 selected (ie table 2 just acts as criterion to select records from table 1). Result - recordset NOT updateable!!!

    Example 2:

    Same database, select query with 3 tables, table 1 and 2 linked on ID, table 2 and 3 linked on Number. Selection of fields displayed from table 1 and table 2. Result - updateable recordset!!

    My simplistic understanding would have been that if it is unclear which records you want to alter, then the recordset is not updateable, but in example 1 it seems perfectly clear which records are involved, whereas in example 2 it does not seem at all clear.



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    Re: Updateable help [doh]

    What version and service release of Access are you using? A query such as you describe in scenario 1 is updateable on my machine with Access 2000 SR-1 installed.

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