Hi all,
Windows does not seem to give too much help with this query!
I have 2 questions:
1. Can I search using wildcards (* or ?) in the search feature. The help files say I can, but when i type Bud*, it gives me nothing! If I type Bud, then it gives me all files starting with Bud! What if I am searching for Budget(Number), it doesn't seem to work when I type Budget?...
Why can't I use wildcards when WinXP help files say I can?

2. If I am searching for multiple files, say...Test, Budget, Letter (File Names on the C: drive), can I type them all into the search box using seperators? Or say that I am searching for text in a word doc. Can I (in the containing text) box type Kite, car, dog?
Can I search for multiple files or words in one GO (and what seperator do I use), or am I bound to doing one search at a time!