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    wordbasic dialog tool - filepreview

    I have an old macro still used in word 2000 which uses the wordbasic dialog tool called filepreview. it shows a "thumbnail" of the template being selected and is a very handy tool. note: this is not the same as the little preview window that comes with the open dialog in Word. I noticed it was not available in VBA. has anyone made code or add-in or dll/com that will exactly simulate the filepreview tool?
    appreciate any help.

    Lester Miyaoka

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    Re: wordbasic dialog tool - filepreview

    Hi Lester,

    I don't have a real solution for you, but a possible work-around. I was upgrading old templates with the same preview last year - I tried using the image control but got nowhere (I think this was suggested in the Help somewhere).

    Instead, I now use the standard Open File dialog with the "Preview" clicked. If you save a file with the Preview Picture saved (through Doc Properties) then it shows up as a thumbnail, otherwise a larger view of the file is displayed. This was not quite as good as the old Preview but it worked, and users can click between using Preview/Details/List etc, which keeps them happy.

    Hope this helps,
    Margaret Hassall

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