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    Outlook Express Hangs While Download Spam (6.0)

    OE runs into an occasional Spam message that it will refuse to download to my computer. It hangs, times out, downloads again and again, but hangs on the same message. Using Popcorn, I can go into my ISP, find the message, delete it, then OE downloads the rest. My ISP, a local one, says it isn't his problem but it has happened on all three of my computers including this brand new one. It happened before I install XPSP2 and now afterwards. It also happens on an XP machine of a colleague of mine. Comes and goes. Right now it is coming most of the time. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. pdf

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    Re: Outlook Express Hangs While Download Spam (6.0

    Do you filter incoming POP mail for viruses? Could the message(s) be viral? Although spam often is "malformed," that in itself shouldn't cause this (although someone else mentioned the same problem either here or on the Outlook board during the past few months).

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