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    ref integ (2000)

    Hello is there a way of forcing ref integ depending on what is selected in an option group. In my scenario I have 4 types of customer each of which eare contained in four combos, the selection of option buttons determine which combo box is then visible ready for users to select. There is only one of these customers where it is essential for referential integ, the others it is not an issue, problem I have is that if the customer type is one of the other three and with ref integ enforced on the one, even though the one isn't being selected then the old message 'related records required etc' is viewed. Is there some coding I can put in so that ref integ is only enforced when the one customer type that requires it is selected?

    Thanks Darren.

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    Re: ref integ (2000)

    Referential integrity is enforced at the table level. It has nothing to do with the data itself, so you can't turn it on conditionally. The only way to do what you want is to have separate customer tables, which is a very BAD idea and would make the application difficult, if not impossible to support.

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