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    Bullet Lists incorrectly formatted when attached

    I checked the archives, but I could not find an answer to my question. I hope I used the right keywords to search.

    My problem is that when I attach a document to a company template, the bullet lists have a different format than it should be.

    Ah yes, and this would be Word 97 SR-2

    For example, let's say that my company template is called The template contains two styles, BulletList 1 and BulletList 2. BulletList 1 uses an 11-point bullet with no left indent and a 0.25" hanging indent. BulletList 2 uses an 11-point dash with a 0.25" left indent and a 0.25" hanging indent.

    One of the biggest issues we found was that if an author creates a document based on a different template (such as and attached it to with the styles updated, then the bullets change. The bullet changes to a hyphen in BulletList 1, or BulletList 2 has no symbol whatsoever.

    We learned that we could fix this by opening and redefining the styles. When formatting the Numbering aspect, we had to click on the Font button and the Bullet button and reassign the symbol and font size (even if it looks unnecessary).

    That pretty much solves the bullet issue.

    However, there is also an indent issue. When going from to, the BulletList 2 left indent is 0.5" instead of 0.25". I tried fixing this in the original template by reassigning the left indent in the Numbering format and the Paragraph format. Alas, it hasn't worked yet.

    Anyone else with similar issues dealt with this? I'm quite stumped.


    Kevin Elmore

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    Re: Bullet Lists incorrectly formatted when attached

    Follow this <A target="_blank" HREF= view=&sb=&vc=1#Post37122>thread</A> and see what that yields. Follow the links found in the thread, some pretty interesting stuff.

    Word's Bullets and Numbering is all the same critter and it has its own way of working....which is very aptly explained by your post.

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    Re: Bullet Lists incorrectly formatted when attached

    Hi Kevin,

    As far as the indent issue, here's something to try: open up, go to Format>Tabs, and see what the setting is for Default Tab stops - pretty good bet it's set to .5, which is the Word default. Try setting this to .25 in, and see if this helps.

    Can't offer much help with the Bullets formatting instability; just a couple of questions, that hopefully might lead somewhere (plus a workaround):

    You say the author creates a document based on, and then attaches, after which, the BulletList 1 and 2 formatting changes. Does the author's template also contain BulletList1 and 2 styles, or are the problems with BulletList1 and 2 only being observed if these styles are subsequently applied, after the document has been attached to

    Also, I would have expected you to need to go into Format>Bullets and Numbering for that document, rather than, to fix up the styles.

    In either case, here's a possible workaround (doesn't get at what is causing the problem, just provides a quick fix):

    Record a macro of the actions you take to clean up the bullet formatting. If necessary, record two macros, one for each style.
    Thereafter, whenever you need to fix up these styles, just run the macro.


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    Re: Bullet Lists incorrectly formatted when attached

    Re the Bullet issue. Your problem is almost certainly the numbering template lists are different. A second possibility is that your styles are defined differently in the template and your document. On the numbering issue (even though these are bullets) take a look at <A target="_blank" HREF=>Word's Numbering Explained</A> (

    Here are some additional links to help you out.
    <A target="_blank" HREF=>How to Create a Template, Part II</A> (

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Legal Numbering</A> (

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Seven Laws of Outline Numbering</A> (
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
    Madison, Wisconsin

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