I'm no expert on OE, which I only use for newsgroups, so please bear with me.

In addition to my main newsgroup account (attached to my ISP's server), I ahve 2 other newsgroup accounts, linked to their own servers.

All of a sudden, one of the two accounts, which was set to dowload all messages, has lost all the messages. I checked the .dbx file on my c drive, and what should have been (and was a day ago) a multi-MB file is now just a few kb's)

I had flagged quite a few of those downloaded messages, and if those are gone, tha's one problem. But since my understanding is that all messages should be availabe for download again from their host server, I should be able to get them all again by syncronizing, so long as the setting is for "all messages", not just "new messages"

That is what this account's settings say. Yet when I hit the synchronize button, the progress message says "new messages" only.

Has anyone faced this, and can tell me what to do?

Is there a way to get back my dbx file (system restore)?

Many TIA