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    MS Mail Shared Folders

    I'm working in Outlook 98. I moved my contacts to Microsoft Mail Shared Folders. When they arrived there they were in a mail format. I moved them back to my contacts shortcut but they are still in a mail format. When I go to contacts view my only options are mail options. How do I restore my contacts shortcut to a contacts format and restore my contacts to contacts?


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    Re: MS Mail Shared Folders

    MS mail can only share mail, not the other special forms.

    Do you have a backup of your contacts? That will be the easiest. Otherwise, you'll need to recreate them.

    what shortcut needs changed? on the outlook bar? delete it and drag the contacts folder back to it.

    if you mean the various menus, you'll need to delete the contacts folder and recreate a new one. I think one of the commandline switches may help - /ResetFolders

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