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    Formatting Elapsed Times (Excel 2003)

    I am wanting to compare elapsed times from competitive swimming events and cannot get the cell formatting correct. The elapsed times include minutes, seconds and hundredths of seconds. Once I have the cell formatting correct, I am looking for a formula that will compare elapsed times by event from one swim meet to the next. For example, in Meet #1, the elapsed time for a specific event might be 59.41 seconds, and in Meet 2, the elapsed time might be 1:01.32 (minutes, seconds, hundredths of a second) for the same event. The bottom line is I want to determine which meet had overall faster times, event by event. Anybody worked with something similar?

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    Re: Formatting Elapsed Times (Excel 2003)

    See these threads <post#=393632>post 393632</post#>, <post#=319224>post 319224</post#> and <post#=278113>post 278113</post#> for some discussion. If you need more help, post back.
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