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    Updatelinks in PPT from Excel (Excel/PPT xp)

    I have an excel file called main_charts.xls that has graphs in it that are linked to main_report.ppt.

    I've created a vba program which updates the charts in Main_charts.xls with all new data and opens the main_report.ppt and updates the links. Then i do a "save as" to give me a new report. I create 10 division reports this way with 10 different datasets.

    What i need, however, is to give the user 10 charts.xls...named DivisionOne_charts.xls, DivisionTwo_charts.xls etc. which are lnked to their respective powerpoint files called Div1.ppt, Div2.ppt etc. I've done a "save as" DivisonOne_charts.xls, once the main_charts.xls is made, and then opened the main_report.ppt and saved it as Div1.ppt, but can't figure out how to get them to link together. The Div1.ppt is still linked to the main_charts.xls and not the DivisionOne_charts.xls.

    I tried using the ChangeExcelSource module i found on the internet, but i can't seem to make it work.

    It seems like there should be a simple way to do this. I'm hoping someone has a suggestion. Thanks

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    Re: Updatelinks in PPT from Excel (Excel/PPT xp)

    I've spent the past two month, off and on, creating dynamic PPT slides with charts from Excel workbooks and creating dynamic and static chartts in Excel from Excel workbooks. It sounds that you, like me, are coping quite well with the establishment of dynamic linkls, and determining whether the charts should be using ranges or arrays of data.

    From the wording of your post it seems as if you are :
    1) updating links in the PPT slides and then
    2) saving the chart with a different name (1-10).

    If this is so, might the PPT chart be remebering that it came from the master chart, and not the re-saved minor chart?

    What happens if you :
    a) load the master chart
    [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] save it as a divisional chart and then
    3) update the PPT slide charts and
    4) save the PPT presentation with the new links pointing to the divisional workbook?

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