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    Telephone Directory Help (Access 2000 SP3)

    I was asked to recreate our telephone directory using Access. I've created the Employee table, however I need some help on how I should set up the directory. Currently the directory is set up like this:

    1111 Smith, John (Doe - 1237) (15)

    They want it the same way in my report, my problem is the (Doe - 1237), which is the secretary for Smith. Do I have to create another table with the support staff? Is there a way I can use the Employee table which already has both persons names in it and their extensions? I would hate to have to type names in twice? Maybe I should have separate tables for the Attorneys and a separate one for the support staff?


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    Re: Telephone Directory Help (Access 2000 SP3)

    I had a similar situation and decided to tackle the problem as follows:
    * Create a column in the employee table titled secretary (or assistant)
    * Assuming you have a unique ID (employee # or SSN) for each employee, assign the secretary's ID to each attorney in the newly created secretary field
    * In the query that feeds your report, add the employee table twice and create a link between the secretary field in Employee table to the empoyee ID in the Employee_1 table (when you create the link, you should set the link to: Include ALL records from table 'Employees' and only those records from table 'Employees_1' where the joined fields are equal)
    This approach keeps all data in one table (as it should be) and allows you to create links between Attorney and secretary.
    Hope that helps.

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