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    Primary Key Disappears (2003)

    I have a 2003 contacts database that has twice now lost the primary key to the main contacts table. The database is a backend on a network server used by five people with 2003 front ends installed on their workstations. The users insist that they have not opened the back end and messed with anything, so I'm wondering if there are any known situations where a primary key can spontaneously disappear.

    One point that may be relevant is that the problem table has a lot of indexes (23 including the PK). One of the main functions of the database is to allow the users to allow the users to create ad hoc filters on most of the non text fields, which is why I added so many indexes. However, I wonder if I have made the table unstable by doing this?

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    Re: Primary Key Disappears (2003)

    I'm not sure if the limit still applies to Access2003, but prior to that a table could have no more than 32 indexes AND relationships. This is even more constrained by the hidden indexes Access creates on a table when it is on the "many" side of a one-to-many relationship (with enforced RI). You might want to download my Documentor utility (follow the link below) which allows you to see all the indexes and relationships on a table. Be sure to check for what are essentially duplicate indexes; that is, where you created an index that duplicates an index Access has already created.
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