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Thread: Advance Field

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    Advance Field

    I'm working in Word 2000, using the Advance field with the left switch to insert some text before an automated number (style linked to numbering). It worked just fine in Word 97, and now in Word 2000, there are problems, in doing the same thing.

    Here's what I want:
    [(a) This is some text here.

    When fields are revealed with Alt+F9, the line would look like this:
    (a) {ADVANCE l 40}[{ADVANCE r 40}some text

    My problem is, that once there is too much text in that one line and it wraps onto a 2nd line, the entire first line drops down and leaves the (a) on it's own, like this:

    [ this is the text

    Obviously this is not what I'm looking for. The other, even more disturbing thing, is that at that point Word 2000 often seems to crash (I've tested it on multiple machines with the same result).

    Does anyone have any insight into this issue? Thanks!

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    Re: Advance Field

    It's been my experience that Word's advance field has been included simply for WordPerfect conversions. They have been known to cause document corruption, and any "clean-up" software I've seen strips them.

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