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    Timed on-line downloads (excel 2000)

    I have to download the 'same data "updated" three times' in an hour from the same scource. (Data is continually updated.)
    I use different worksheets to store this data. I then unscramble the data to suit my needs.
    At the moment I download each update manually, changing from one worksheet to the next, etc.
    Is there a way of getting each worksheet to download the data automatically once I have done the first one manually?
    ie: Sheet one. Manual start for downloading. Thereafter, auto switch to sheet two and download on 'set time' from start of first sheet download. Then auto switch to sheet three and download on 'set time' from either first or second sheet.
    Thanks in advance for any inputs.

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    Re: Timed on-line downloads (excel 2000)

    I am not sure what you mean by "download" and how you are doing it.

    To have excel do something at a particular time or a time in the future, you can use Application.onTime

    From the HELP:
    <hr>This example runs my_Procedure 15 seconds from now.
    <pre>Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:15"), "my_Procedure"</pre>

    This example runs my_Procedure at 5 P.M.
    <pre>Application.OnTime TimeValue("17:00:00"), "my_Procedure"</pre>

    This example cancels the OnTime setting from the previous example.
    <pre>Application.OnTime EarliestTime:=TimeValue("17:00:00"), _
    Procedure:="my_Procedure", Schedule:=False</pre>


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