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    Simulating an Out of Office reply to extrnl users (2000 SR-1)

    Looking to simulate an Out of Office reply (which is only sent to internal employees) via a Rules Wizard. Would like to identify external e-mails coming in to a particular users e-mail box, and have only those (external ones) forwarded to another employee to get handled while their on vacation.

    Our staff today are simulating the Out of Office reply for all incoming messages by creating a Rules Wizard to do just that. We'd like to give them some coaching to have them revise this wizard to only forward the external e-mails to another staff member while they are on vacation, etc. The standard Out of Office reply feature in Outlook would continue to work for internal staff.

    Perhaps simply put, can I identify an incoming e-mail sent externally in the Rule Wizards? Any thoughts would be appreciated as this is my first posting. Thank you in advance. KCRess

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    Re: Simulating an Out of Office reply to extrnl us

    Perhaps you can do this in two steps?

    Rule #1: Out of Office rule - add "in company" address condition and Stop processing more rules action
    Rule #2: Forward all other messages

    The reason I suggest this is that I don't know how you can reliably identify messages from outside, only those from inside.

    Oops, have to run. Check for "find words in Sender's address" as a condition for Rule #1. I hope this was in Outlook 2000...

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