Trying to help <!profile=iandouglas>iandouglas<!/profile> in the thread starting at <post#=406638>post 406638</post#> I encountered the following problem in Access 2003.
When you use a parameter query as the record source of a form and you try to filter the form, you are asked to re-enter the parameter.
In Access 2000 this does not happen.
If you want to try it, download the attachment in <post#=406678>post 406678</post#>, modify the query by adding >[Enter Number] in the criteria from the ID field.
Is there some new setting that I have not found yet or is this a bug ?
The workaround is to use a form to enter the parameter and refer to this form in the query (see attachment in <post#=406816>post 406816</post#>) .