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    Batch dump

    Is there an easy way to batch dump a DB from an OBDC source to Access using VBA? I am looking for a syncronize facility of some sort that is built into ADO/SQL/DAO.

    I am using a line by line comparison program written in VBA but this seems a cumbersome way to do this. I guess I am looking for something similar to the BatchMove (?) utility available for SQL server.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Batch dump

    You haven't given us enough information. What version of Access/ADO/DAO/SQL are you talking about? What ODBC source are you talking about? Do you want to synchronize a single table or a number of tables or what? What is the purpose of trying to compare the data in the source to what's in Access rather than just importing the data or using Access as a front end?

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    Re: Batch dump

    I am using a SCADA software program (Wonderware) that talks to access. The OBDC source is Progress/MFG Pro and I dump the whole table (2000 records) to a local database. This make my SCADA application more robust since it is not affected by downtime of the OBDC source.

    I presently download the info using a script written in Wonderware which I want to move to a VBA app. The wonderware script at present only downloads a limited number of items using a filter based on some criteria since it is not very good at long processes. This causes syncronisation errors since records may have been deleted on the source.

    I have Access 2000 and VBA 6 with all the patches. I could write the software myself but I have learnt that using a pre-written solution is more robust, easier to use and normally many times faster since it is optimised.

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