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Thread: read-only files

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    read-only files

    I have a large amount of clip art. These files were on CDs but I have copied them across onto my hard-drive. Now they are all read-only. Is there any quick way to change these files so they are not read only? I know how to select all the files in a single directory but I have several hundred directories. Is there any quick way to change all the files in multiple sub-directories in one go?

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    Re: read-only files

    Try using Search/Find to select them.
    I'm on W2K here but I thinks it's the same:

    Start | Search | Files or Folders
    Search for *.*
    You should be able to set a path to search down from otherwise you may end up with your entire drive.
    Select All, Right_Mouse, Properties.

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    Re: read-only files

    Thanks Leif, that's a good idea. At first when I selected my root directory Windows 98 told me to refine my search as I had exceeded the number of files allowable (10,000?). So I created a 'dummy' directory 'folders a-c' and temporarily moved directories to it to cut down the number of files searched in one go. Find Folders hung after I right-clicked and changed the file properties but I think it was because I still had too many files selected in one go. Your idea saves me a lot of time, though - thanks again.

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